24 Coisas para se LIVRAR antes de 2024! MINIMALISMO | Sabedoria para Vida

24 Coisas para se LIVRAR antes de 2024! MINIMALISMO | Sabedoria para Vida

Imagine waking up tomorrow morning and feeling the relief of an empty space, where only the essentials remain. A new beginning, a new energy. Today, we are about to reveal how you can make this happen in your own home. Welcome to our community, where the quest for simplicity begins at home.

Today, I am here to help you transform your life and your home. We know that an excess of things can be overwhelming, especially for people who are constantly balancing work, family, and household chores. But guess what? You are not alone on this journey.

In this video, we will share 24 things you should remove from your home before 2024, and believe me, each one will make your life lighter, more organized, and full of purpose. Stay with us, as minimalism is about to change the way you see your home and your lifestyle.

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Your participation helps us continue creating valuable content like this. Now, let’s get started! THING 1: Wedding Attire There’s a corner in your closet that’s almost a museum of memories — that wedding dress or suit from a special event you wore once and never again since.

It may have been the hero of an unforgettable night, but let’s be honest: when was the last time it saw the light of day? Minimalism isn’t just about creating space, it’s about valuing what we truly use. So, today, we choose to honor the memories but free up the space.

Say goodbye to the old and make room for new stories and, who knows, a new look that you will choose not just for one night, but for life. THING 2: Disposable Beauty Products Open your beauty drawer, and you’ll likely find a sea of disposable makeup remover pads, sponges, and countless cotton swabs.

They’re convenient, yes, but they also accumulate a type of wealth no one needs: waste. The minimalist path shines with reusable alternatives that promise to not only take care of your skin but also our planet. Opting for washable cotton pads, for example, isn’t just an economical choice, it’s an act of love for nature.

Make the switch and feel the difference that small steps can make – in your space, your beauty routine, and our world. THING 3: Non-Working Pens In drawers, cases, and even lost in bags, pens without ink are like ghosts of past lists and forgotten notes.

Maybe we keep them for nostalgia or the hope that, by some miracle, they’ll write again. But the truth is, non-working pens are just space occupiers and dust collectors. By choosing minimalism, we also choose functionality and efficiency. It’s time to test each pen and say goodbye to those that have served their purpose.

And remember, when buying new ones, think about quality over quantity, so that each written word is not just read but also felt. THING 4: Excess Mugs Let’s talk about the mug cabinet, a real stage for porcelains of all colors and messages.

Some mugs have phrases that once resonated with you, but now, they just echo a ‘you’ that no longer exists. Each morning offers an opportunity for a new beginning, and your choice of mug can inspire the tone of your day. Minimalism is also about alignment and authenticity.

Why not start with the simple act of choosing which mugs truly reflect who you are today? Reduce the excess, keep those that bring genuine joy, and offer the others to someone who might appreciate them. This not only uncomplicates your morning routine but also clears your space and mind.

THING 5: Hair Straighteners Looking into the back of your bathroom closet, you might find that old hair straightener, a relic from the days when you spent time straightening every strand. Maybe your routine has changed, or you’ve learned to love the natural texture of your hair.

If the straightener is no longer a tool of your daily life, why let it occupy space? By adopting minimalist principles, we learn to value what we really use and need. Considering donation, you not only free up space in your bathroom but also might help someone feel confident and put together.

It’s a simple gesture that can warm the heart as much as the straightener warmed your hair.” THING 6: Popcorn Machines At some point, the idea of having a popcorn machine at home sounded like the perfect complement to your movie nights.

But if the last time you used that machine is becoming a distant memory, it might be time to rethink its place in the kitchen. Minimalism isn’t about giving up pleasures, but about rediscovering simplicity. Saying goodbye to the popcorn machine, you reclaim precious countertop space and rediscover

The joy of a hot pan and a handful of corn – simplicity at its essence. THING 7: Excess Jeans That pair of jeans that fits perfectly is like an old friend: reliable and comfortable. But what about the other pairs that pile up on the shelves, those that we haven’t worn for years?

Keeping only the jeans that you love and wear is liberating. Each pair you choose to keep is a choice that celebrates your current style and comfort, not yesterday’s. Minimalism teaches us to live with less, but with more quality. Let go of the excess and keep the essentials.

THING 8: Unused Kitchen Gadgets Almost every kitchen has one or two gadgets that promised to revolutionize food preparation but ended up forgotten in a corner of the cabinet. Be it that avocado slicer, the vegetable spiralizer, or the infamous garlic peeler that you used once.

If they don’t contribute to your daily cooking, it’s time to rethink their utility. Minimalism in the kitchen doesn’t mean giving up creativity or the ability to make incredible dishes; it means having more space and fewer distractions, focusing on the quality and functionality of the utensils that really matter.

THING 9: Spray Air Fresheners Spray air fresheners promise instant freshness but often bring along a cocktail of chemicals. Why not go back to the roots and opt for natural options? Beeswax candles, natural incense, or essential oils can revitalize your space with scents that soothe the mind and don’t overwhelm the environment.

Choosing the natural is choosing a purer environment and a more minimalist life. THING 10: Excess Wallets or Purses Wallets and small pouches often accumulate, each carrying a handful of coins or old cards. It’s easy to let them multiply, but how many do we really use?

At the heart of minimalism is the idea that less is more, and this also applies to our accessories. Keep one or two that really match your style and needs, and free the others to find new pockets to call home. THING 11: Ice Packs Ice packs are useful for parties and picnics

But can occupy a surprisingly large space in the freezer. If they are more a ‘just in case’ than a daily necessity, consider more compact alternatives. Ice cube trays can be an efficient way to save space, and you can even opt for models with fun and practical shapes.

Simplifying is also about finding smart solutions that serve multiple purposes. THING 12: Wristwatches A wristwatch is more than a timepiece; it’s a personal style statement. However, if you have a collection of watches that no longer reflect who you are or that

You simply don’t wear anymore, it might be time to pass them on. By choosing to keep only those that match your current lifestyle and that you actually wear, each glance at the watch will be a reminder that time is precious and best lived without excesses.

THING 13: Wall Clocks Wall clocks can be magnificent in their aesthetics and functioning, but if you have one that has stopped in time or simply no longer fits the design of your space, it might be time to let it go.

In an era where time is always at hand with smartphones and other digital devices, the wall clock becomes less a necessity and more a decorative object. If it doesn’t bring you joy or utility, consider passing it on to someone who might appreciate it or creatively recycling its parts.

THING 14: Incomplete Puzzle Pieces “An incomplete puzzle is like a story without an end, and keeping the missing pieces in your drawers won’t change that fact. If you don’t have the complete set, those loose pieces are just occupying space and adding to the visual chaos.

Allow yourself to free up physical and mental space by donating or recycling these solitary pieces and, who knows, open up space for new hobbies that you can enjoy to the end.” THING 15: Ties “Ties can be symbols of professionalism and

Elegance, but if you’ve accumulated some that no longer reflect your current style, it’s a good time to update your collection. Keep those that still match your wardrobe and personality, and donate the rest. Someone will surely find great value in them, and you’ll gain more space and a selection of ties you’ll actually wear.”

THING 16: Product Instructions “Manuals and product instructions for appliances you no longer own are like ghosts of past devices – they serve no purpose and just occupy valuable space in your drawers. Recycle these papers and make room for what is current and necessary.

In the digital age, most of these manuals can be found online, making it even easier to make the decision to clear the paper clutter. THING 17: Gift Wrap “Crumpled or worn gift wrap may seem useful for ‘just one more present’, but often ends up being discarded because it’s not up to

Par for the occasion. Give yourself and others the gift of impeccable presentations by discarding what is damaged and keeping only what is in perfect condition for when the next special occasion arrives.” THING 18: CDs or DVDs Scratched CDs and DVDs serve more as frustrating reminders of movies and music you once loved.

Technology has advanced, and many of us now have our collections digitally or use streaming services. Assess whether it’s time to say goodbye to these damaged items and reclaim the space they occupy for something you will actually use. THING 19: Recipes Cookbooks are windows to culinary adventures,

But if there are some that you haven’t opened in years, they might just be serving as decoration. Cooking should be a joyful and uncomplicated experience. Keep the books that inspire and challenge you in the kitchen and donate those that are no longer useful.

In doing so, you not only simplify your collection but may also inspire a love for cooking in someone else. THING 20: Loyalty Cards Loyalty cards from stores you no longer visit are just unnecessary occupants in your wallet, confusing your day-to-day without bringing benefits.

It’s time to let go of cards that don’t contribute to your current shopping, simplifying your life and your wallet. This small gesture is a step towards a lighter and more organized existence. THING 21: Christmas Decorations Broken or worn Christmas decorations no longer contribute to the festive spirit of your home.

Honestly assess each item and ask yourself if they still bring beauty and joy to your home. If not, it might be time to renew your decorations, opting for durable pieces or creating new traditions with handmade ornaments. THING 22: Patio Ornaments Patio ornaments that are no longer in good

Condition might do more harm than good to your outdoor space. If they don’t add value to your personal refuge, free up that space for new elements that reflect your current lifestyle aesthetic and your love for the outdoors. THING 23: Cell Phone Cases Cell phone cases that no longer fit or are

Damaged just accumulate dust and take up space. Recycle what is possible and keep only the cases that truly fit your current device. This way, you’ll have a more organized drawer and your technology will be adequately protected. THING 24: Crafting Materials Unfinished craft projects that you know you

Won’t complete can turn into a source of anxiety rather than joy. Look at the materials you have stored and see if there’s still inspiration there. If not, donate them to someone who will use them or find an appropriate way to recycle.

Clearing space in your crafting area can open doors to new ideas and creative projects. With each item you decide to remove from your home, you’re taking a brave step towards a more serene space and a more intentional life. The simplicity that minimalism brings is not about what you lose, but about everything

You gain. More space, more time, more peace. And by creating this new environment, you open the doors to renewed energy and experiences that truly deserve to be part of your daily life. The journey to a minimalist lifestyle is a continuous journey of discovery and celebration of the things that truly matter.

Each object that leaves carries with it the promise of new stories, new smiles, and memories to come. We’re here to support you every step of this transformation. So, as you contemplate this list and begin to make your own changes, know that this is just the beginning.

There’s a world of simplicity out there waiting for you, and I’m excited to continue sharing tips, strategies, and inspirations to help on your journey. Keep following, because together we will discover the power of less and the value of the space we create.

Watch this video that just appeared on your screen about how to stop hoarding. You’ll like it. A hug for you and see you in the next video.


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