One of the most modern ships in the world is already sailing on the waters of the Caribbean. And we embarked on the maiden voyage, to show you first-hand all that it has to offer. Experiences that will make your adrenalin pump, trampoline, parachute,

Surf, and a glass sphere that will take you more than 90 meters high. In a futuristic environment, fun is guaranteed. But there is also a space to relax here, to take care of beauty and health, with a breathtaking view. Entertainment for everybody. First class gastronomy. And, of course, stunning destinations.

Join us along the Royal Caribbean Odyssey of the Seas first journey. Hello guys, good morning. Look at us starting a new adventure. And this is very special. We are inside a ship called Odyssey of the Seas, and we are going to be part of its first journey, how cool is that.

This ship has a lot of different things, there is even a ball, that you can see at the back, which goes over 90 meters above the sea, very different, because it is part of Royal Caribbean Quantum class. And this is the first voyage of this ship,

What a privilege. Royal Caribbean invited us to join them along this maiden journey, and show you all the news and everything it has to offer. After all, a brand new ship doesn’t appear every day, does it? And you will follow everything with us. We’re leaving from Fort Lauderdale, Florida,

In the United States, and we’re going to the Bahamas, making some very different stops. Leave your like on this video, subscribe to our channel if you are not subscribed yet, and then share it with your friends, because there is a lot of adventure coming.

So, let’s go, because we’re also going to experience North Star, we’re going to do a lot of other things too, and you’re going to follow everything from now on. I’m sure you’re already enjoying the images of this beautiful ship.

But, in order to show you the full experience and give you all the information for a nice trip, we will go back a little bit in time, before boarding. A very important piece of information that you need to know before boarding your Cruise, or even

When you are going to return to Brazil, is that you need to present a PCR test or an antigen test before you board, both on the Cruise and on the plane. Here in Miami, at least,

There are several places where you can take the test for free. We asked at the hotel, and they said that maybe CVS could do it, maybe Walgreens could do it. We didn’t go to these places to check it, but they also told us about a clinic that was close by

Which is this blue tent you see back there. We got here, made a pre-registration by cell phone, and immediately had the two tests done, both the PCR and the antigen, it was very simple, for free, what is even more important, the result

Of the antigen comes out in three hours, and the PCR in up to 24 hours, you receive it by email, it’s very simple, but you must have this test done. But it’s good to know that you can do it for free. We have just done it here, good news.

We have just arrived here at Fort Lauderdale port, where we will board our ship, Odyssey of the Seas. I wanted to tell you about the check-in process, because it’s very simple. You just need to know which terminal the ship is at, because the port is very large, ours is 18,

For you to have an idea, and as soon as you arrive here, there are several employees to pick up your luggage. The only thing you have to inform is your first and last name, they put it on the tag,

Obviously you also inform the name of the ship, and then your luggage is sent straight to your cabin. But it won’t get there until late in the afternoon, so, you’d better keep something with you, a small suitcase with basic items. Then, from here you go straight to check-in, where you’ll show

All the documents. We’re going there now and we’ll tell you how it is, as well as everything you’ll need to board. With passport, vaccination certificate and negative test in hand, boarding is very simple, and in a blink of an eye we are inside the ship.

We are here! The keys are on the door, what’s the cabin like? I’m anxious! Le’s see! Of course the ship is brand new! But I already fell in love with this shower box here. Those who have followed the channel for a long time

Know that we have already been on several Cruises, and usually in the bathroom there are those little curtains, that are very bad, everything gets wet, sticks to the body, it’s really bad. A shower box like this, look how beautiful, has already won my heart, check it out. It’s wonderful guys.

Well, as you could notice, we’re in a cabin with a balcony, so, there will be no shortage of space here for the next few days. What’s coming next, huh? We are here, settling in now, because the ship will set sail very soon.

Five-thirty in the afternoon and finally Odyssey of the Seas is setting sail from Fort Lauderdale port. A beautiful sunset, even here in the port, it’s spectacular. It’s leaving a little late, around five fifteen it started to move, because it was scheduled for five o’clock, so we won’t be able to watch

The sunset far from the port, at high sea, but let’s keep following the rest of the journey. We are finally on board. We are in a cruise ship after such a long time.

How nice it is to come back to a place like this again. How nice it is to be able to show you what it’s like to travel in a cruise ship nowadays. After all, although we are still in a pandemic time, it is already possible

To do this type of trip, but things are different, and we want to tell you everything. But it warms the heart to be able to be in such a nice and beautiful place. This area, called Esplanade, offers a lot of interesting things to do and we’re going to show you everything.

There are several bars, shows, pubs, even a Starbucks. There’s a place for you to eat pizza all night long. This place is very nice, so, of course, we chose this scenario to start telling you how to be

Inside a cruise ship nowadays. First of all, you can only board a Cruise if you are 100% vaccinated and more than 14 days after the second dose. In addition, you also have to present a negative COVID test, which can be either antigen or PCR.

Children have to present a PCR test of up to 72 hours and have another test taken at the port too. There are several very important rules that you need to check, especially if you are traveling with children, because there are many different rules for them. So, pay attention to prevent undesired problems.

There’s another very important rule, which is about wearing a mask. It is mandatory anywhere inside the ship, in any closed area you need to wear a mask. But there’s a another very cool news that I’ll tell you from somewhere else.

We are now outside, close to the swimming pool, and here I can do this: it is not necessary to wear a mask in any external area of the Cruise. This applies to all areas, including the running track,

Here at the pool, children’s space, you don’t need to wear a mask in anywhere that is not a closed area. Even some employees don’t use it in specif places, they use it in restaurants, of course in the bars

Outside here the employees are wearing a mask, but in other open areas no, you really don’t need to. So here, no masks. Tell the truth, look at this beautiful table, what a nice way to start the day, in a place like this, super different.

When you are in a Cruise, you have the option of having your breakfast at the traditional buffet restaurant, with several options, a lot of food variety, or have the à La Carte breakfast,

Where they serve you at your table. Here at Odyssey you have a third option, which is to stay like this, first thing in the morning, already relaxing in the solarium, with this splendid view of the sea. It’s a buffet also,

But much smaller, much more exclusive. The number of people that can enter here at the same time is controlled. Maybe you’ll have to wait a little bit at the door, but when you’re here, you enjoy everything with great peace of mind. It’s a good way to join the best

Of both worlds, the exclusivity and tranquility of an à La Carte meal, with the options of a buffet, isn’t it? What do you think about our private buffet here? Let’s try it then. After breakfast, for those who don’t give up taking care of their health even while on vacation,

There is a very large gym at Odyssey, full of modern equipment, right at the front of the ship. Moreover, a view like this is an extra motivation to work out, dont’t you think so? At the gym, in addition to the equipment, there are classes and lectures, all for free.

However, if you want to take care of your beauty, the spa offers beauty treatments and massages. Procedures need to be scheduled, and are paid separately. Before we continue exploring every corner of Odyssey of the Seas, I’ll tell you

Some facts about it. It is 346 meters long, 41 meters wide, there are 16 decks, 2,105 cabins and capacity for 5,498 guests. Look at this beautiful view you are seeing now, and that we are having the privilege of seeing here in person, because

We are right at the top of the North Star, this enormous glass ball, which goes more than 90 meters high above sea level, here at Odyssey of the Seas. It’s a unique experience, and you have to book in advance, because it sells out. But it’s a really amazing feeling, because

You see the whole ship from above. It’s almost like you’re a drone, it’s really, really nice. The first stop of our trip is at a private island called Perfect Day at CocoCay. As it is a Royal Caribbean private place, only their ships passengers

Can land here. They set up a whole structure for you to enjoy the day, but with the same services you have inside the ship. The sea water has this beautiful color, typical of the Caribbean. But you can also relax in the pool,

On the chairs, or in the hammocks you find throughout the island. All for free. But if you desire something even more exclusive, there are several services that can be purchased separately: a Day Use at a Beach Club, huts close to the sea, with a fan,

Or even a bungalow, with butler service. Look what a luxury is this one we were invited to visit. There’s a lot to do around here. So stay tuned, because there’s an exclusive vlog to show you

What it’s like to spend an entire day at Perfect Day at CocoCay. Now, it’s time to head back to the ship. As the ship sets sail for the next destination, nothing better than enjoying the late afternoon at the solarium. This is a place that we simply love.

I have to confess that we’ve already chosen a ship just because there was a solarium. And the Odyssey’s solarium is more than special. It’s at deck 14th, way up high, and in the front, at the bow of the ship. At Odyssey the solarium is for free.

In some ships you have to pay to use this space, but not here, it is already included in your Cruise, and you can stay like this, look, enjoying the Jacuzzi, enjoying the pool, seeing the ship follow its way in case it’s daytime, or just looking at the sky at night,

Because it’s all glass around here. As night falls, the special lighting makes everything even more cozy, perfect for relaxing and getting ready for the super busy ship’s nightlife. For theater lovers, there are two at Odyssey of the Seas. The Royal Theater is a more traditional type, Broadway style, where musical

And dance shows are presented. There are two floors for the audience and a really huge stage. The LED screen in the background allows the scenography to change quickly. The shows take place twice a night, so everyone can see them. But the big attraction here is the Two70 theater,

A very technological environment that changes at each show. The six LED screens operated by mechanical arms are an attraction by themselves. They move to make the shows even more interactive, and the stage of this multi-purpose space can still be transformed into a dance floor.

From disco to classical music, everything fits at the Two70, every day with a different surprise. I wanted to talk about something really cool about the elevators here, especially during the pandemic, all the elevators buttons have sensors, you don’t have to touch them.

This is very important nowadays, so you get here, look, just put your hand close to the button and the elevator opens. As we always say in our videos about Cruises, we really like to come to the à La Carte restaurant, because you’ve probably been to the buffet at lunch time,

Or breakfast, but at dinner time we always come to the à La Carte, because you dress up to come here, you can choose something different, and eat very well. So true that my first course here is escargot. Have you ever tried escargot? Leave your comment for us here,

Tell us if you’ve ever eaten escargot. I am having it here, Tiago doesn’t like it very much, right Tiago? No! I prefer other options. Tiago chose a shrimp ceviche, which I’ll show you, but mine is escargot, I like it.

I usually eat it either in Cruises or in France, I’ve never tried it anywhere else, I love it. Let me show you. Tiago, can I show yours? Can I get yours? You can! Look, Tiago chose a shrimp ceviche, it looks good too, huh! Can I steal a little? No!

Ahhhhh… So I’m going to eat my escargot, to check if it’s good, okay? Look at the ball here, look. Would you try it? Tell me if you would try it. I like. But there’s a lot more coming, and we’re going to show you how

Our whole dinner will be. Important to reminde you that dinner here is already included in your reservation, even if you go to the buffet, or if you go to the pizza restaurant, anywhere, you always have a main restaurant where you can eat, don’t you worry. There are other

Specialty restaurants, but for them, you need to make reservations and pay separately. But you always have this main restaurant where you can eat every night if you want. We’ve already watched the show, you’ve seen some images, and now we’ll have dinner.

I bet you’re thinking that this is all for me. I’m not going to judge you, because I’m the kind of person who would eat all of this indeed. But it is not, this one is Tiago’s dish. A herb-crusted salmon, and it looks so good. It’s mashed potato down there, isn’t it, Tiago?

Yes, it is! As I’ve already eaten escargot, a different dish, as a starter, for the main course I’ve chosen chicken breast with spaghetti, a lighter dish, but it looks good too. Tiago, I’ll try everything. Which one do you prefer? Tell me. Both!

Both? Apple pie with ice cream, and this one is an Oreo pie. Look how beautiful this dish is. This one is mine, but I’m also in the mood for this one, I don’t know what do. Tiago, what do we do now? Now we run away.

I’m going to give you a tip, okay? In these restaurants, if you want to repeat, feel free, just order again, so, if you want this one and this one too, order both, because you can eat all you want. I didn’t want to say, but at our table there are people repeating, okay?

It’s a hint, isn’t it, Tiago? Absolutely right! I’ll start with this one, and if I want another one, I’ll order this one. There I go! At the end of the night, the hustle and bustle takes place in this area of the ship, called Esplanade. There’s dance, pub with live music,

A lounge-style bar to enjoy more quiet music, and of course, a pizzeria that is open all night for you to eat after the party. As we stayed enjoying everything until late, when it was time to leave there was practically no one around here, so

This is the perfect time to show you the Esplanade like this, absolutely empty. Isn’t the weather the best? It is not! Is it very windy, and does it seem that we’re going to fly? Yes, it does. But, no problem, because we are in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas.

And the color of the water here is worth anything. For sure we will enjoy it a lot, and we want to show you everything. Our ship is back there, look, close by, we walked very little, 15 minutes, and arrived at this super cool beach,

Where we’ll spend the day. Usually, when people come here to Nassau, they like to go there, to Atlantis Hotel, you are seeing some images that we took from the top of the ship. It’s a beautiful hotel, very famous, it’s just like the one in Dubai, very well known too.

But today, precisely because of the weather, the beach there is not good, many people recommended not to go there, and to come here instead, in order to enjoy the place much more. Tthat’s exactly

What we’re doing now. It was a short walk to get here, very fast, it’s really worth it, and the water is wonderful. There are several bars here on the shore, you can go to one of them, rent umbrellas, chairs,

And there is also the option of a cabin, like this one we are at, super beautiful. I wanted to talk to you about prices. For you to rent an umbrella with two chairs, it costs between 20

And 25 dollars, depending on the bar you stay at. In this one we are in, the set costs 25 dollars, but curiously, this cabin we are in is free, in case you get something to eat or drink, which is crazy.

So, we are being forced to get a mojito here, very tasty. Does it cost 12 dollars, plus tax? Will this mojito cost more than sixty reais? Yes! But it’s worth it, for us to really enjoy this nice sea, this nice view here, very beautiful, and also have a drink, right?

It’s delicious! A very good mojito. Let’s enjoy everything. The most common question we are receiving nowadays, when we make videos about Cruises is: is there a buffet, because of the pandemic? And the answer is that here in the United States,

Yes, it is normal. The only difference is that you can’t touch anything. So the buffet is there, but you don’t take your food, instead, you order, and a crew member serves you. It’s the same for everything,

For drinks, for the buffets, for the ice cream at the pool, for everything. You have to order, and a crew member will serve you. But the buffet is open. And now we’ll have lunch, of course. The Odyssey of the Seas sports area

Is called Seaplex, and as we have already said, there’s a lot to do. In this arena you can play tennis, ping-pong, basketball. Look at this bar up here, what a nice place, what a nice atmosphere, especially for sports fans, right? In fact, it’s for everyone.

And you have privileged views of the courts, check it out. How cool, this place is really nice, a very fun space. But the greatest attraction here is when the bumper cars come into action. Of course we wouldn’t miss this adventure, right?

Outside, in that orange ball, there’s a trampoline, to jump into the high seas with virtual reality glasses. But that’s not all, there is also the famous surf simulator. Who remembers Fábio trying to stay stand there at Harmony of the Seas? Did he make it?

I still haven’t been able to stand on my own. When the guy lets go of me, I fall. But I’ll try one more time. When you finish this video, in case you haven’t watched it yet, run there and check it out. There’s even a parachute simulator,

But this adventure is only for tomorrow, on our sailing day. Today we are on a sailing day, and everything is different here at Odyssey of the Seas. First of all, it is that kind of day for you to relax, to enjoy every corner

Of the ship a lot, without hurry. Second, on sailing days there are attractions that have big changes, like the North Star for example, that is right behind me. If you‘ve seen us riding on it, you may have noticed that we went

Very high up there, and were presented with the most spectacular view of the ship. But now, it’s a little bit different, it’s moving to the sides, it’s leaving the ship and going to both sides of it, showing a different view of the sea. On a sailing day you have to pay $29.95

To ride North Star. To be different from the days when it’s for free, it moves to the sides instead of going up, and then you have a completely different view. It’s a very exciting and special ride.

We won’t be able to do it because it is absolutely sold out. Even though it’s a sailing day, even though it’s paid, people book a ride, people want to have this experience, because it’s really cool, so, you

Also have to book in advance. We really liked this ship, brand new, everything very nice, lots of different attractions, super technological, but, indeed, North Star is the icing on the cake, it’s too beautiful. Mainly now, seeing it going to the sides, what a cool thing, what an innovation,

We liked it a lot. You will see some more images of this amazing place. And as we promised, there is Tiago venturing in the parachute simulator. This is also a very popular attraction, therefore it needs to be booked in advance.

There are some times when the entrance is free and others when you need to pay separately. But one thing I guarantee, it’s fun for sure. It’s almost time to say goodbye to Odyssey of the Seas, but of course, our last night on board had to be special.

So, we’ll try one of the ship’s specialty restaurants. When we say that the meal here is a real spectacle, I really mean it. Look at this table and the meal being prepared right in front of us, by Elvis, who is

A true showman. You have no idea, we are showing some images for you to see how this food is prepared with joy and talent. The starter is already here, look, our fried rice

With vegetables. And the main course is now being prepared here on the grill. What is going to happen, huh? I still don’t know, I just know that I’m here with my drink, which not by chance is called “Is she a Geisha”? How about it, let’s try? Enjoy your food!

In addition to fried rice and vegetables, we were presented with a great variety of meat and crustacean. Look how delicious! For dessert, Japanese ice cream. Japanese ice cream is super different, with a very unusual texture. This one is matcha flavor, very traditional in Japan. Let’s try it.

It reminds me a lot of Japan. As you may know, Japan was our lifetime trip. We like Japan a lot, and here we are having the opportunity of trying a lot of typical flavors from there. It’s very nice

To relive it indeed. This dinner is very tasty, to close the adventure in high style. And that’s how we say goodbye, already missing Odyssey of the Seas, this incredible ship. If you are not subscribed to our channel, do it now, leave your like on this video, and share it with friends,

Because there are more adventures coming soon. See you next time, bye!


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